Every Journey Begins with a Single Step

19:47 Paul Robinson 0 Comments

This weekend I attended a seminar about emigration to Australia. I've decided to keep a record of what happens. Not just on my emigration, but on my travels in general.

The seminar was held a hotel in Leeds. It did feel all a bit Alan Partridge at times. The audience was mainly couples past their best and looking to find their dream, along with a collection of business men happy to take their money. It's funny because you instantly spot that there is one person in the couple who is keener than the other. The poor guy in front of me could hardly contain his missus. She slowly got more and more excited and whispered in his ear louder and louder. She got that excited, I thought she was going to sit on his knee at one point.

I did learn some useful information though to begin my journey. Let's see where I end up and what happens along the way.

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