Inter-rail planning

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Shortly after returning home from the Middle East I went out for a drink with a friend. I got speaking to a girl who had been inter-railing across Europe and really enjoyed it. I was fresh from my own adventure my imagination starting racing away.

Inter-railing is a great idea for me for several reasons;
  1. I love visiting cities;
  2. There's still so much of Europe I haven't seen; and
  3. My job has turned me into a bit of transport geek - I'll become really popular with the rail guys at work with my inter-railing stories!
If you haven't been introduced to inter-railing before, I'll give you a quick impression. An Inter-rail pass lets you travel the majority of Europe via train. Tickets are relatively cheap and are flexible enough to allow you to explore Europe whilst still being flexible. The pass can be used on normal inter-urban trains, sleep trains and even high speed trains like the TVG in France.

I've been doing lots of research, listening to friend's own travelling stories and collating a list of places I'd like to see. There are so many places I'd like to see but unfortunately I'm hindered by my continual employment! So, I'm taking two weeks annual leave and shaved a few places from the Itinerary.

Copenhagen and Sofia will have to wait another time. Places like Italy and Turkey deserve weeks to explore by themselves. So I've decided upon the places shown in the map below.
  • Hamburg - I'll hopefully visit a friend from Abu Dhabi and check out the cool hang outs;
  • Berlin - Finally visit the Stasi Museum and check out Neukolln, the latest trendy quarter of my favourite city;
  • Prague - See the Gothic Architecture, drink some Absinthe and no doubt bump into a stag do;
  • Vienna - See the Hunderwasserhaus and drink in the cafes frequented by Mozart, Freud and Lenin; and
  • Budapest - Chill out in the Medieval city on the Danube.
The plan is starting to come together now. I'm looking into accommodation and I've got a list as long as my arm of places to see. Anyone who knows me knows that I love a good Google map, and I'm busy making maps of everything I want to see! I really need to put my hand in my pocket and get tickets booked now.

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