Inter-rail Tickets have arrived

18:22 Paul Robinson 0 Comments

Today I received my inter-rail tickets in the post. Judging by the amount of (useless) paper they sent me, the Rail Europe operators aren't too concerned about forest degradation.

It's necessary for you to have a seat reservation on most journeys before you travel on your inter-rail ticket. For some reason, you still have to fill in some sort of travel diary documenting every journey you go on. I'm sure there's a good reason for this, but I cannot be bothered reading all that rubbish to find out why.

I do now have a rather large map on which I can trace my journey and make some interesting notes. The map wont last too long when I'm travelling, but it's good to play around with at home. I know, I know... I'll have to fight the girls off with a big stick if they find out about my map fetish, so let's keep my life easy and keep it between ourselves.

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