Intro to Prague

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Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, was largely untouched by bombing during the second world war. As a result the city retains it's distinctive character which is derived from the medieval architecture, cobbled streets and romantic bridges.

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Unfortunately for Prague, the cheap alcohol there has made it a destination for stag parties from the UK. So, as any decent Englishman does in Prague, I'm going to go on a pub crawl. Some bright chaps have set up a daily pub crawl for travellers, saving me the effort of finding actually having to find my own drinking buddies and decent venues. Whilst not the most 'cultural' thing I could do, when else will I get the chance to do it? (probably when a friend has a stag-do there, to be honest). I'm not expecting anything amazing, but it will be good to meet some new people and and get drunk. The Czechs are famous for their beer, so it'd be rude for me not to form my own opinions on each of their beers.

Post pub crawl, I intend to nurse my hang over wandering the old town, getting touristy with my camera and eating the local food. I'm only stopping for two nights in Prague before I'm off onto the train again.

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