Intro to Berlin

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One of the positives of travelling alone is you can visit the places you want to go and do the things you want to do. In other words, you can geek it up as much as you like. Travelling alone, you don't have to feel guilty for dragging a friend somewhere when you know they'd rather be in a pub/shoe shop. This is particularly useful for me in Berlin, where I'll be going on an Underground Tour of Cold War Berlin - not the typical vacation experience!

(annoyingly small) pictures from: Here

The tour takes in WW2 bunkers, Cold War bunkers and U-Bahn stations which double up as emergency shelters. Berlin was central to many of the events of the 20th century and it will be fascinating to see the less well known parts of the story. It's the mixture of politics, history and design which I love about Berlin. The communist architecture on Karl Marx Allee, the Berlin Wall, the Fernsehturm Tower, The Reichstag. Not only is it important to understand out past but all this stuff really sets my imagination in motion.

It's not all geekdom in Berlin though. Berlin is a great place to go out and party. Due to its young, creative population and low rent prices, you can often find drinking venues full of individuality which often recycle old buildings. There's famous clubs like Berghain (power plant) and Weekend (office block) and there's also the ones you don't heard about unless you accidentally walk into one. I was lucky enough to go to a warehouse beach party in Berlin in 2009. Things like that just don't happen anywhere else.

The picture below sums up Berlin for me. After we left the warehouse beach party, we walked across a bridge filled with people chatting to friends and enjoying the sunset. It doesn't matter that it's over the railway, the sunset is still beautiful to look at. It's about making the most of the moment, not letting life by pass you buy as you sit in front of the TV.

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