Less talk, more trousers: Intro to Hamburg

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After telling several friends that I was going to inter-rail around Europe, the time came to actually book it. Flights and inter-rail ticket are now booked.

First stop on my itinerary is Hamburg, Germany. Rather than describe everything I've got planned in Hamburg, I thought I'd just write a little taster. If I did write exactly what I have planned, the plans would only change and I'd look like an arse. I do have something pretty good planned though.

Why Hamburg? Besides visiting a friend there, Hamburg has been a post of the Romans, Vikings and latterly, Germans. It was where The Beatles learnt their craft and where Punk Football happens (St. Pauli). Hamburg is one of the 'cool' German cities along with Berlin and Cologne. Munich is for tourists.

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Allegedly the city has more waterways than Amsterdam. The influence of the landscape and the culture is distinctive upon the Architecture. What was once the tallest building in the world can be found in Hamburg - St Nicholas's Church.

While I'm there, I'll be attending the Hamburger Dom. The Dom is a tri-annual fair which attracts around one million visitors each year. A festival market at the site can be traced back to 1329, however today, the fair resembled much like any other. Each fair lasts a month with Fireworks every Friday along with the usual circus performers. This being Germany, public transport is included in the ticket price so you can leave the BMW at home and have a few Becks.

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