Traveling with tech: mobile blogger

12:08 Paul Robinson 0 Comments

I haven't managed to travel very far yet, I've only got as far as Manchester. Visiting your home town doesn't normally count, but I've discovered the Blogger App for my phone so I thought I'd give it a try.

I am a bit of a technophile and I'm really looking forward to updating the blog in some exciting places. Today's mobile technology allows more communication and sharing than ever before and I'm all for that. Even if it's a total non-story like me using this Blogger App.

The Android App is an official piece of software and easy to use. I'm going to experiment with the features and you'll be able to see the results as you're reading this. The only downside I can see so get is that typing these few sentences has already taken me 10 minutes on my phone!

Anyway, here I am at the Chinese New Year celebrations...

... edit ...

I've obviously still got to learn how to post portrait pictures. And the location below is wrong.
C- Must try harder!!!

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