Intro to Vienna

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Vienna was originally founded by the Romans and has subsequently been the centre of several empires throughout its history. It is often referred to as an open air museum due to the rich history and architecture which can be found within the UNESCO World Heritage listed historic city centre. Famous Viennese include Marie Antoinette, Sigmund Freud and Franz Schubert. However I’m really looking forward to seeing the ferris wheel where Harry Lime gave us his cuckoo clock monologue.

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One Saturday in Abu Dhabi, three friends and I were floating in the Arabian Sea by the Corniche and having a conversation. We got onto to talking about great things to see and somebody recommended the Hundertwasserhaus in Vienna. I’d never heard of it so when I got home I fired up Wikipedia and had a look. It turns out that the Hundertwasserhaus is an expressionist apartment building, which is chaotic, absurd and brilliant. The building has undulating floors, trees growing inside the rooms and a grass roof. Each resident was invited to paint the outside of their apartment for as far as they could reach. The architect didn’t even take payment for designing the building, saying it was worth it to prevent something ugly taking its place.

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The Hundertwasserhaus has now become one of Vienna’s main tourist attractions and has its own museum. While I’m there I can continue to satisfy the film geek in me, with an exhibition of the work of HR Giger. Giger was the artist who created the eponymous Alien and won an Oscar for his work. His work is demonic, otherworldly and disturbingly intense, apparently.

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