Manchester Airport, still

16:46 Paul Robinson 2 Comments

March 29th, 1:20pm

Whilst my spoken languages are somewhat limited, I am aware of the international language of the wardrobe. As a result, I'm wearing my keffiyah, which roughly translates into spoken English as "Trendy traveller (circa 2008)". Unless of course, you are actually in the middle east, where a keffiyah is A) useful and B) carries some politcal symbolism.

However, My wardrobe skills almost failed me at the security check. I'm wearing some fairly well laced-up boots and had I looked a bit ethnic, it would have taken me about 10 minutes of unlacing with constant tuts and grumbles from the queue behind me to actually get them off for an inspection.

I'm having a twinge of couch surfing fear, something like,
"What the hell am I doing going to sleep in a random German blokes settee!?"
It's a bit like internet dating, only, even if we don't get on I still end up going back to his at the end of the night.

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  1. laughed at the last line. i immensely enjoyed reading ur blogs (just discovered them today after Arif mentioned u blog last night). a twinge of regret that i met u before i read u, but even then thank you ^^

  2. Regret you met me before you read me? I don't think that sounds too good! Anyway glad you liked the post. I'll be able to write about the whole trip once I'm home, just not enough time when I'm actually travelling.