Manchester Airport

16:40 Paul Robinson 0 Comments

March 29th, 12:45pm

I'm feeling a bit tired. I went out drinking with a friend last night. Treating myself to obscure 9% Belgian beers probably wasn't the best idea. The excitement began to stir once I arrived at the airport. Memories of previous trips flooded back - Girlfriend's tears as I left for Abu Dhabi; the excitement I felt when I first returned and the shock at seeing my family waiting to pick me up once I'd moved back to the UK.

I've been to some cool airports, but Manchester isn't one of them. It's Architecture is bland and it's full of English people jetting off to Tenerife. The food choices at Terminal 3 are at best, uninspiring. I had to stump up seven quid for a cheese butty and a coffee. Flying should be more exciting than this. I sat myself next to the window to watch the planes and write this down as I tucked into my extortionate sandwich.

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