The Reeperbahn: Presumably German for "Friendly girls"

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March 29th, The Reeperbahn, about 11pm

It's safe to say, the girls on the Reeperbahn are friendly, perhaps too friendly. I've encountered 'working girls' in 3 places in my life;

Amsterdam - Where they are kept safely behind windows,
Abu Dhabi - They hang around the hotels, but are already resigned to rejection from white guys, so don't bother you,
and now Hamburg...

I had to walk a gauntlet to get back to my apartment. The street was full of girls and as soon as I turned into the street I was cornered by one of them, who might have been attractive once if she wasn't so intimidating. She grabbed my hoody even as I waved her away and said "Nein danke, nein". She then wouldn't let go of the toggles on my hoody despite my constant protests of "I'm not interested!". After I said that about five times, she asked me do I say anything else, to which I replied "nein". She called me a spastic and let me go.

I'd escaped literally two paces when a pair of girls pounced on me. They'd just watched that fiasco but still thought they knew the way to my euros. I managed to evade them before they got to me though. Is it embarrassing to admit I actually ran through the street back to the apartment?

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  1. Sounds like you're having loads of fun Paul :)