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March 29th, Couchsurfing place:

I made it through to my U-bahn stop easily enough. My phone has decided not to work, so I had to search out a payphone to contact my couch-surfing host. Robert, my host, met me outside the flat and took me up to the apartment. I'm staying right above a nightclub in one of the liveliest places in Hamburg. Robert seems pretty cool, he made us some percolated coffee and we chatted about travelling, his studies and how great Manchester is for music. The flat is pretty small but perfectly comfortable and it should be good staying here.

In the evening I met up with a freind from Abu Dhabi. She showed me some of the cool areas around here and we had a few beers in the Yoko Mono bar and caught up. We breifly met up with her mate Leo, before I left to attend a Teitur gig. The main reason for going was to check out the venue, which is a renovated WW2 bunker. They originally tried to demolish the bunker, but it proved to be indestructable so eventually it was taken over by artists and musicians.

Excluding death-goth-metal, Teitur was the worst Scandinavian musician I've heard. It might have been the fact I hadn't eaten since the cheese butty back in Manchester, but I wasn't impressed. He was just a poor Jef Buckley wonna-be. I was amused by the effortless mixture of German and English banter between stage and audience, it's just a shame I didn't get any of it. I left after four songs, which equated to about 4€ a song, a rip-off! On the plus side, the barmaid humoured both my "Ich mochte ein Becks bitte" and "Wo ist de Toiletten, bitte?"

I then had a wander round the Dom festival and had a bratwurst, as you do.

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