Time to Pack

16:37 Paul Robinson 0 Comments

The time has arrived for me to pack for my inter-railing trip. I've been looking forward to this vacation for weeks and it's almost here. WARNING: This is probably the quintessential 'Paul' post - Its me writing a blog, about how overly anal I am about my packing, just before a European jolly. It doesn't get more 'me' that that.

A couple of highlights;
  • The Swedish raw denim selvedge jeans;
  • Moleskine journal - if your reading this you already know I like writing stuff down;
  • My running gear - I'm really looking forward to running along the Spree and the Danube and whatever other beautiful routes present themselves along the way;
  • Slightly short shorts, in cream colour - apparently fashionable these days.
I reckon I can fit it all into that bag on the left hand side, no worries. I'm also hoping I come across a washing machine along the way because I'm not packing 15 days worth of socks. Hopefully the next few posts will be more exciting than this. Unfortunately I'm a bit excited and had to write something about the trip.

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