Walking nowhere fast

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30th March 6:45pm Herr Schmoll bar, Paul Roosenstrasse, St Pauli

So my plan to have all my maps and itinerary online and accessible via my phone massively backfired when my phone wouldn't connect to a foreign mobile phone network. As a result I've been cruising for McDonalds, Starbucks and other places where I can latch onto a bit of free WiFi and access my online maps. After a lot of aimless wandering, I managed to find a hotspot and plan tomorrow and avoid another day of useless pottering about.

I'm writing this from a cool little bar in St Pauli, drinking Hovels Original Dark beer and eating goulash. Alex recommended Astra beer to me, but I've not tried it yet. I think I'll have a beer is a cool bar I walked past earlier before heading back to the flat. I'm really conscious I still have Robert's house keys. I hope he's not locked out and waiting for his couch surfer (i.e. me) to get back, which could be embarrassing.

This street I'm on is one of those cool streets you'd always return to visit. It has small independent shops, pop-up bars and a bit of a leftfield vibe. Travelling alone has it's positives and negatives. It's a bit annoying that I don't have anyone to crack jokes with, but it's good to just do what I want. Previous holidays have been tarnished by friends bickering over what to have for tea (expensive or cheap, restaurant or cafe etc) and other such nonsense. So whilst today hasn't been the best ever, it's not been the worst either.

The bar is currently playing a great song by Oasis, called the Masterplan.

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