Culture in Hamburg

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30th March 3.30pm A park on Alter fischmarkt

I have had a cultural day in Hamburg so far. First off I visited the ruins of the St Nikoli Church in Hamburg. The church was first destroyed in during the Great Fire of Hamburg of 1842 and was eventually rebuilt by the British Architect George Gilbert Scott. However, the Church was destroyed for a second time during World War Two. At 143m in height, it was the tallest building in Hamburg. The RAF used it as a navigation point during 'Operation Gomorrah', in which the British inflicted a huge aerial assault on Hamburg and much of the city was left in ruins. Rather than rebuild again, the church tower was left as a memorial. I visited the observation deck at the top. Whilst the views were good, you had to look past huge metal gates which totally ruined the experience.

I then visited the new HafenCity development in Hamburg. The area is interesting from a regeneration point of view but most of the development is office space and offers little to tourists. It was interesting to wander round the Speicherstadt, where all the old red brick mills rise straight from the canals. I got lunch in a posh food hall. The curry I had was amazing, right down to the freshly chopped chili sprinkled on top. Magic.

Next up was the National Maritime Museum, held in a former mill in the Speicherstadt. The museum is set across 10 floors with an abundance of red brick, grey steel and subtle lighting. The floors are broken up by large two and three storey atria. The exhibitions are comprehensive to say the least. Everything maritime is covered, from antiquity, colonisation and war to trade and even maritime science fiction. I enjoyed watching the master model maker at work and also saw the World's largest lego ship. By the seventh floor I'd started to loose my stamina. I mean after you've seen a hundred or some models ships, you've probably seen them all. I did make it to the top of the museum though, a personal victory.

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