And the inter-rail begins...

19:17 Paul Robinson 0 Comments

1st April, 12.20pm, Somewhere between Hamburg and Berlin

My inter-rail trip has started and it's been pretty good so far. Stereotypically, the German rail system is very organised. Aside from trains turning up on time, there are even posters informing you of exactly where the train will stop, so you know exactly where to wait for your carriage. It's not without it problems though, I'm currently travelling during a rail workers strike and there is some service disruption.

I'm currently sat in a little six person compartment in the train, the type you always picture when people travel on trains in films. There was a bit of commotion at the start of the journey, with seven different people trying to squeeze into the cabin. Everyone spoke in German and thankfully, the issue resolved itself without my input. It turned out the guy who had already been travelling on the train for a while before it even arrived in Hamburg was sat in completely the wrong carriage.

This nice old bloke who's sat next to me keeps talking to me and chucking. He's done it three or four times already and I don't have the heart to tell I don't speak German. I keep replacing vocal responses with a smile - he probably just thinks I'm a bit special.

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