Awaiting my first train

19:08 Paul Robinson 0 Comments

1st April, 10.45am, Hamburg Hauptbahnof

I struggled to find a decent cafe in the station. I had a real craving for jam and croissants with a view, but I had to settle for some mangy chocolate-bread-thing and a seat outside McDonalds. I didn't want to miss my first train on the inter-rail journey, so I got to the train station reasonably early. I had time to reflect, and a few things have made the trip easier so far;
  • Satsumas - Ummm, easily accessible vitamins
  • Some eye rejuvenator thing - pretty girly I'll admit, but three nights spent on a mattress on a floor isn't conducive to refreshing sleep.
I'm writing in my journal, sat outside McD's on some viewing platform looking out onto the station. Everyone wanders up to check out the view and then disappointedly wanders off again. It's a decent view as train stations go, but they should really put out a few benches so people can sit and enjoy it.

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