Elber boat tour

14:11 Paul Robinson 0 Comments

March 31, 5pm, Somewhere on the Elber river

I've just returned from meeting up with Judith. We first spoke on the couch surfing website. I'm staying elsewhere but we decided to go for a coffee and she showed me the Alster lake. It was raining but it was a nice walk. We spent two hours together and spoke about tonnes. She's studying to become a music teacher for deaf children. Yes, apparently that job actually exists. Studying is a lot cheaper in Germany and it seems that people are studying comfortably into their mid-twenties. Judith has travelled to lots of places and had just returned from Istanbul, which seems like a popular destination amongst the German youth. Judith had to go and practice the flute and left me with a recommendation to check out the harbour boat tour. She has been the second person to recommend it, so I decided to have a look.

There were tourist cruises but I actually chose the public transport ferry-taxi. I'm tight with my money and this was free with my Hamburg Card. The shipping industry is obviously huge in Hamburg and I was blown away by the scale of some of the container ships. They are bigger than some towns I've visited! The rain continued all afternoon and it felt very grey and Mancunian.

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