Last night in Hamburg

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1st April, 12.45am, Back at the flat

On my final night staying on the Reeprbahn, I perfected my route back to the flat, free of lady-hassle. The winning combination was "hood up + falafel in hand + dive in the slipstream of the poor bloke in front".
Tonight has been really good. I got back to the flat and chatted with Robert and had a brew and some biscuits. He'd found out that he'd passed his exam, so we went out for a few drinks. He's a really bright guy and after consulting both our ipods, we found out we had pretty similar music tastes too. We spoke about everything from music and films, down to education systems and urban design.
After a few local bars we went to Shulterblatt Str and to Haus 73. Robert told me about the ongoing conflict between squatters on one side of the street and the 'macchiato' drinkers drinkers on the other side. Haus 73 is on the squatters side and was a pretty cool bar, that felt like it had been thrown together that afternoon - but it is in fact a bit of an institution.
A few Astras later, we ended up in the local media haunt, complete with eclectic barman. Beers and straight pretzels in hand, we sat down in the tiny bar. Have you ever heard your own accent reflected through someone else? It's totally bizarre. Robert asked me the difference in pronunciation between 'ballet dancing' and 'belly dancing'. I said what I thought and when Robert repeated what I'd said. he sounded like on of the Gallagher brothers. I really wasn't aware of my until now. I tried to soften the ending of "ballet" but Robert still sounded like a Mancunian.
Robert was the ideal host to introduce me to the world of couch surfing. He was hospitable and sociable and fortunately he stayed at his girlfriend's each night so we didn't have to heard each other snore. He's a great guy and I wish him all the best with his studies and his imminent trip to Turkey and Lebanon. For me, tomorrow I travel to Berlin.

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