Ostel, Berlin

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1st April, 7.15pm, Ostel

Berlin has been pretty hectic so far. After getting told off on the S-bahn for having my bag on a seat, I arrived in Friedrichshain and checked into my hostel which is called Ostel. I wanted to stay here because I'd read loads of good reviews. It's decorated in an East German/DDR style ('Ost' is 'East' in German). I'm staying a 12-bed dormitory, if all the beds are filled this could be a nightmare. AS usual, I was the first to arrive, so I checked the place out. All the DDR memorabilia is pretty cool and the dormitory is dirt cheap.

After three nights spent on a floor, I was feeling pretty achy, so I decided to go for a run. I managed to get lost on my run, but I specifically chose to run around Boxhagener Platz because I love the area, so seeing a bit more of it wasn't too bad. 'Boxi' is the heart of Friedrichshain and it has a colourful history marked by conflict between the differnet groups of people living in the area.
After my run I went to the Stasi museum. I'm not sure if the outdated feel was intentional, but it all felt very Stasi. It was barely worth the 5 euro admission to be honest. However it was interesting to see all the espionage equipment. Microphones in catering cans and cameras in buttons seemed to be pretty prevalent back in the DDR.

Afterwards I went for a beer and some pasta on Simon Dache Strasse, back in Friedrichshain. It was really nice to sit in the sun and soak up the atmosphere. The food wasn't top quality but I hadn't eaten in ages so it tasted great. There was a little kid playing next to me who was unshakably immersed in his little game of jumping around and exploring the area. His imagination was illuminating and and everyone around enjoyed watching him. We should all be a bit more inquisitive of our surrounding and enjoy the moment.
I walked back to the hostel in the evenings sun. I arrived at my room and the door was closed. Someone had obviously checked into the room too, with some extra luggage in the room. The plot thickens.

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