Syrian food and German Visual Art

13:54 Paul Robinson 0 Comments

March 31, 2pm, Syrian Food Court Joint, Hauptbahnof

I've ordered myself a falafel and some Arabic tea. I never thought I would like this type of food until recently, but I was really pleased when I found this place.
After my breakfast earlier, I visited an internet cafe to check my mail. I got into a conversation with the owner, who was a huge St Pauli fan. We spoke about their ideology and his hopes for the season. St Pauli are the type of team you wish you supported. The fans are always supportive of their players and don't sing any racist or sexist songs. They also try to play attractive football too. The cafe owner showed me his scarf from a St Pauli - FC United of Manchester game, it's a small world.

Next, I visited a Gerhart Richter exhibition at the Kunsthalle. I tried to find his exhibition but got lost amongst the 'old masters' stuff. The museum was quite poorly laid out, even taking into account my navigation skills. Once I found the exhibition I enjoyed it. The themes explored the clash between our traditional approaches to art and out ever accelerating and advancing lives. There were some good pieces alongside the ubiquitous arty stuff I didn't really get. There was a quote about 'Unsharpened images being what we need'. The quote was about how photography artists are able to capture a single moment rather than build an imagine through memory, as a traditional painter would. I always prefer art where your imagination is drawn into completing the image. If it's too explicit or too vague it's hard to connect in anything more that a "hmmf".

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