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April 2nd, 1pm, Tacheles, Mitte
I'm having a beer in the garden/beach at Tacheles. Tacheles is typical Berlin - on a street full of designer clothes shops in the centre of Mitte there is a disused building occupied by artists and squatters. It's falling down in places, stinks of piss in others and there is graffiti everywhere.
Artists studios have been set up in each of the rooms, where art is displayed and you can watch the artists as they work. A lot of their artistry seemed to be coming from their mobiles when I visited. They were probably all deep in thought about the conflict between personal expression and mass communication via technology - that or arranging some party somewhere.
Outside the building is a wicked beer garden. It's got bars, barbecues, abandoned vehicles and even a dentist's chair. There are two separate stages as well. There are all types of people here - tourists, artists and locals. In one quiet spot there was even a mother reading a book to her kid.
I love Berlin.

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