Five Americans and me

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6th April, 10.30am, On the train to Vienna

Prague is a beautiful city. It was spared from serious bombing during the second world war and as a result there is a huge collection of different architectural styles from the five prevailing historical periods in Czech history. The buildings are gorgeous and I really liked the colourful mosaics found on a lot of the buildings.

Yesterday, I went on a walking tour of the city. I was sceptical as to how good it would be, but I didn't have a better plan. The tour lasted three hours and we explored the old town. We discussed history, architecture and politics and I was totally engaged. The tour guide, Christian, was a bit bubbly and annoying at first but eventually I began to warm to his self-deprecating and energetic style. By the time he told us the story of the Prague Uprising whilst we sat in front of the Rudolfinum, the 30 strong crowd were captivated and Christian recieved some genuinely warm applause.

Over the tour I got speaking to a guy called Justin, a resident neurologist from New York. We ended up spending the rest of the day together and we visiting the Charles Bridge and Prague Castle. After that, we had a few beers and pretzels.

In the evening we met up with four American students who were studying in the UK. They were all from Massachusetts and played sports like lacrosse. The six of us had a great evening together and I enjoyed spending time with people I would never normally meet.

This morning me and Justin met up for breakfast and got talking to a Canadian couple who had just embarked on their year long world tour. Everyone has their own story but we couldn't chat for too long because I had to leave and catch my train - I was a little bit disappointed I couldn't have stayed and talked more.

Actually, I'm a bit disappointed that I didn't spend longer in Prague. It's full of history, nice food and drink and the local girls deserve their reputation - they are very pretty. I didn't even drink absinthe on this trip, I'll definitely have to visit again.

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