Wandering Vienna

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8th April, 9.35am, A cafe near the Hofburg Palace

Yesterday morning was my first quiet one of the trip. I had some fruit for breakfast and read some of my book, 'The Unbearable Lightness of Being'. It's a philosophical story of love set during the Prague Spring. I'm really enjoying the book and it's great to be visiting some of the cities in which the story takes place. I had a coffee with Julez then we took the metro into town and we got a second coffee. The Viennese love their coffee. Julez left for university and I went to see the hundertwasserhaus. It was originally built as an apartment block and it has lots of colour, texture and individuality. It's now so popular that it has it's own museum and cafe. It felt very static and underwhelming but I guess that's the price for preserving important parts of our culture.

Afterward, I went to visit the Ferris wheel which was made famous by Orson Welles in 'The Third Man'. The fairground was fairly peaceful (they are well behaved in Austria) and I had some sort of pizza salad for lunch.

During the afternoon I visited the MAK Contemporary Art Gallery. Some of the stuff was interesting, some stuff provoking and some of it was totally lost on me. I saw some performance art and some cool furniture and even endured a doylie exhibition. Every gallery room had it's own bored staff member, despite me being pretty much the only person in the gallery. I began to play a little game where I would see how far I could get into the room before the staff member noticed me and hid their phone or pretended they weren't just asleep on the job.

The weather in the afternoon was great so I went to a park, got my book out and watched the Viennese go by. I've never heard anyone mention Viennese girls before, but they are all slim petite and very good looking. I should have practised my German.

At 5pm I met Julez and Flo (despite navigating myself to totally the wrong station) and we went for an ice cream. We then went to the Viennese hipster hangout, where I discovered footsack. What at first looks like the worst dance in history is actually a game similar to juggling a football. I had a go and unsurprisingly, I was crap.

For tea we went to a restaurant called Centimeter, where you pay for food by the centimetre. I had a huge schnitzel and ticked another box on my authentic food list, but the portion was too big and I couldnt finish my plate. We got home around 9pm and I was exhausted, so I got an early night. It was quite nice not to be drunk for the first time in four nights.

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