Berlin to Prague

20:48 Paul Robinson 0 Comments

12.45pm On the train to Prague

I'm about to start my convoluted trip to Prague. Unfortunately I have to take two trains and a rail replacement bus. At least the train is fairly quiet. I read that there was some great scenery on this route, so I'm looking forward to that...

...The first interchange seems to have gone smoothly enough. Let's hope I end up in the right town in the Czech Republic. The ticket inspector is amusingly grumpy,a few different people have got a ticking off in German...

...I'm now on the final leg of the journey, from Usti to Prague. Usti looks really nice. The town is in a valley carved out by a large swollen river. I doubt I'll ever be here again so I had a good old gander. The ticket inspector was a stocky Czech women, you wouldn't mess with her. And the seats feel like they are sprung with a sheet of plywood, it's aren't to comfy.

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