Prague Pub Crawl - ohhh no.

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5th April, 10am, Mosaic House Hostel

I've just had the best breakfast of my trip. I had a pastry, cereal bar, banana and some milk whilst I was sat in a little park next to the hostel. The atmosphere in Prague is really relaxed. There are clear blue skies and people have come to the park to read, get some sun and spend time with their children. It's a nice to contrast to both the uber-cool Berlin and the fast pace of life in the UK.

The hostel I'm staying in was a great choice. I only picked it at the last moment but it has turned out to be great. It's full of English speaking staff, there's a bar & restaurant and the bed is the best on the trip so far. I'm rooming with a Brazilian and a Chinese guy. I doubt well become best mates but they both seem decent.

So far, Prague has been an interesting experience. I started off my evening yesterday by ordering fish & chips at the hostel bar. Not the most original or exciting but when you are travelling the occasional home comfort is really refreshing. The portion was huge and came with tonnes of salad too - just what I needed.

Next up was the Prague Pub Crawl which is organised for tourists. I didn't really know what to expect but I walked into my worst nightmare. The pub crawl was made up of the Lancaster University Rugby Union team who were on tour. They had only been in the city for 24 hours and had already accumulated a broken collar bone, a blinding and a sprained ankle between them. The pub crawl hadn't even started tonight and they were already wasted. I paid good money for the ticket, so I had to stick around. I managed to speak to most of the guys over the night and they were actually alright. I was renamed Akon, because I'm travelling along and "I'm so lonely". They asked me why I was travelling alone and I gave my rehearsed answer that I give to all the English people who seem to disapprove of travelling alone - something about using up annual leave. Although the truth is that I like the feeling of adventure and of being outside my comfort zone and I hate how we are just expected to want to go on beach holidays and drink constantly.

Back on the pub crawl, a few non-rugby types joined the pub crawl. I cannot describe how relieved I was. I ended up staying with these guys and we had a good night. I left after midnight because my mind was elsewhere but it ended up being a good night after an absolutely terrible start.

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