Unexpected treat

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April 2nd, 10.45pm

I had been feeling a little grumpy today because of the hangover, but the last of my mood disappeared once I left Tachales. Outside Tachales, in the middle of the street, an impromptu gig was taking place. People stopped what they were doing and listened. Even traffic stopped in the middle of the road to listen. Nobody complained and the traffic was too leisured to beep their horns and the police didn't shut it down. Everyone enjoyed the moment which I couldn't imagine happening in the UK. It'd be disrupted by scallies or the dibble pretty quickly. The band themselves were really good and I managed to get hold of a CD. They were very atmospheric, similar to Mogwai.

I got back to the Hostel to find there were three new residents in the room. I introduced myself had a bit of a natter and then promptly fell asleep. They weren't boring, I was tired. Sleep has been pretty elusive on this trip so far; I'd closed my eyes for a few seconds and ended up asleep for an hour.

I woke up and found everyone had left, so I got onto the S-bahn to Kreuzberg and got a coffee and Shawarma. It tasted great and the whole meal only came to 4 euro. It was a bit of a relief because my euros were disappearing sharpish. I popped into an internet cafe to check a few details about my plans for tomorrow. One thing I love about Germany is that you are allowed to drink in the street. I bought a polish beer when I left the internet cafe and supped it on the stroll home. It was an opportunity to think about the past and look forward to the future. I let myself daydream about living in Berlin. I would half-consider ditching the career for the lifestyle here in Berlin but it wouldn't be the most responsible decision I could make, and future European jollies would be off the cards if I was working some casual job here in Berlin.

(sorry for the quality of this video, I promise there was more music than just the drummer)

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