Failing to communicate

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12th April, 10.45am Alexandra Bookstore

I'm currently sat in a book store with an amazing cafe. The room is decorated with frescoes from the 1910s, a time when Hungary was much more prosperous. There are two huge chandeliers hanging from the painted ceiling. I'm sat in a chair that I have previously seen in a furniture exhibition and for someone who used to work in a furniture shop, it's really nice to be here in these surroundings. The coffee isn't even expensive either, the equivalent of £1.70 for a melange. That said, this tastes nothing like the authentic melange I had back in Vienna.

Last night, my last in Budapest, was a bit of a let down. I went for falafel, my new favourite travelling snack and then had a wander through the Jewish Quarter. Everywhere I have been, the traditional Jewish quarters tend to gentrify into the cool restaurant areas.

After the food, I went back to my hotel because the pub next door had advertised the fact they were showing the City-Liverpool premiership game. I walked in to the pub to find I was the only person there and the football wasn't even on. I asked the waitress is she would show the football on the TV but she didn't speak a word of the Queen's English. Unfortunately, my Hungarian still hadn't progressed passed 'Koszonom' (thanks).

I always thought that football was an international language - and what followed was a multilingual game of charades, where I tried to mime football and to draw the waitresses attention to the chalkboard outside which advertised the match. Unfortunately, she wasn't impressed with me kicking things in her pub and trying to lead her outside.

Eventually, something clicked for the waitress and through embarrassed laughter she began flicking through the channels to find the football. I think we went through the 60+ channels twice and couldn't find the match on any channel. I'd been defeated and resigned myself to a few beers in my hotel room.

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