Reflecting on my interrail trip

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It has been a few months since my interrailing trip and I am really pleased that I kept a journal of my time travelling. The journal reminds me of some great moments on the trip and as long as I don't loose it, the journal will always remind me of the fun I had. It was really satisfying to flick through my journal and update this blog.

So what did I learn while I was away? Well, if you want to sleep, I wouldn't go couch surfing. Although, if you want to meet local people outside of the tourist environment and receive some amazing hospitality, I would recommend definitely couch surfing. If you want to meet lots of Americans, go on city walking tours. Hostels are great. They provide you with a cheap bed and allow you to get out in the world. If you are lucky, you'll end up with some really great room mates too.

Trying out the local food is an absolute necessary as far as I am concerned. It's a good way to understand different places by looking at the the food available, how it's prepared and how things have changed over time. And you get tasty stuff.

Football is also a bit of a quick cheat to becoming a bit of a traveller. I saw football in Berlin and Vienna and it was two totally different experiences. I visited the Olympic Stadium in Berlin where the Nazi's presided over the now infamous 1936 Olympic Games and where Jesse Owens tore up the Nazi's Aryan propaganda. I also watched SportKlub Wien. This left wing club is totally accommodating of all fans and tries to promote and improve it's local community. It was a regional league game and the football was forgettable but it was a lot of fun. It was a bit of shame to see how different Premier League football is.

One thing I know I really need to work on is learning a second language. It would improve my experiences when I'm travelling and most people outside the British Isles speak more than one language. By only being exposed to English, I know I'm guilty of complacency and a bit of laziness. It is hard to study a language just for the sake of it, so I need to set myself an achievable but challenging goal. I'm still working on that though.

I am a bit of a transport geek, but I would recommend interrailing. It's great to compare and contrast the different places you get to see on your trip. It's also nice to see the countryside and the architecture transform as you move from one region to another. And when you arrive, you are in the heart of a new city, there are no 30 minute airport transfers or anything like that. I've already got two more interrail trips planned, one in Scandinavia and one in the Balkans, although for now there still just ideas, there is nothing booked yet.

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  1. I love keeping journals too and I adore your chicken scratch scrawling. :)

    On my last trip I bought my journal with me, but almost always, I am too exhausted at the end of the day to even hold a pen. That's what's wrong with my motto of Carpe Diem, I seize it too madly. How often and religiously do you write Paul and do you only do it when you travel?

  2. I usually keep a travel journal so I remember the stuff I get up to, but I don't keep one day to day. I'm writing a novel at the minute so I'll let you read it once it's done!