Wisteria and more football

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9th April, 1.50pm, On the train to Budapest

My final afternoon in Vienna was a quiet one. I had a wander, browsed a few shops and soaked in the impressive architecture.

The evening picked up though. At 5pm I met Julez and we visited a Wisterian celebration outside the Rathaus. There was beer, wine, food and trinket stalls all selling items native to Wisteria. I was suprised by the amount of people happily wearing national dress. It all seemed pretty kitsch to me, but people do wear this get-up out in the sticks. Julez even admitted to finding the guys in lederhosen attractive!

There was a female singer 'entertaining' the crowd, although I thought it was Matt Lucas debuting a new character - a camp, irritating and racist one. Apparently the singer was singing in a Turkish accent, can you imagine the outrage if Cheryl Cole sang in an Indian accent?

After the fête, we joined up with Flo and his mates to watch Sportklub Wien in the third tier of Austrian football. Close to 1,800 watched a narrow 2-1 victory. I really enjoyed the game and the fans were great. They had lots of chants in English that I could join in with. The Gary Glitter chant was a bit unexpected and the fans free-kick and corner routine was fairly unique too. The fans would all hold their keys in the air and shake them and make a bit of a racket in the building up to the kick being taken. The first time I waved my keys Wien scored - my beginners luck was in.
big game.

We ended the evening at someone's birthday party. It sort of washed over me because my lack of language meant I couldn't join in any conversations. Everyone was pleasant enough and introduced themselves. The music wasn't to my taste but I enjoyed watching the snow boarding videos a couple of the guys were watching.

I was sad to say goodbye to Flo, hopefully I'll meet him and Julez again. I was really embarrassed by their hospitality and couldn't avoid the feeling that I was imposing myself on them for a few days. They were brilliant hosts and I guess to was just a bit bashful. I know I'll try to treat my own couch surfing with the same level of hospitality though.

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