Ilkley Moor is not the Himalayas

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Exploring India and travelling up into the Himalayas is quite far out of my comfort zone. I have had to buy all sorts of new gear, like walking boots, backpack and a collection of medicines that would quell even the worst hypochondriac.

I've been reading guide books from the library which have been filling my imagination with all the great sites I'm going to see. I've also been reading lots of travelling forums online, which isn't such a good idea. If I'm to believe the forums, I'm going to spend the majority of my Indian holiday hugging the nearest toilet whilst my pathetic western bowels get an awakening from the Indian water. Although it wont be a toilet, just a hole in the ground.

In order to distract myself from reading about other peoples misadventures, I decided to brake in my new walking boots with a little walk over Ilkley Moor. I'd like to think I am reasonably fit, I run quite a lot. My usual run follows the river Aire and there isn't much in the way of elevation. After about 15 minutes walking uphill on the moors I was blowing like an OAP. Ilkley Moor is not by any stretch of the imagination, a mountain range. I dragged myself across the moor and decided I really need to prepare a little more for my trip, at the very least I need to walk up a few more hills.

In between swatting away dragon flies I managed to take a few photographs of the moor. It's actually really nice.

Nice bit of Victorian Graffiti

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