Time to Pack for India

20:17 Paul Robinson 0 Comments

There are still a few days to wait before I go to India but the excitement has got the better of me and I have packed my bag already. Let's call it a practice run. It was worth doing because I have since realised that I have forgotten to buy toilet roll. I do not want to be caught short without any toilet roll in India.

Actually, that leads me to one of the things concerning me about my trip. I am left handed and unfortunately it is rude to use your left hand in India (you can use your imagination why). I am really going to have to be careful to make sure that I use my right hand for everything. Knowing me, I'll forget and use my left hand before I’ve even checked into the first hotel. Hopefully the offence I'll inevitably cause will burn it into my memory and I'll make the mistake only once!

Anyway, back to the packing. I've packed all the essentials for India;

Tonnes of Medicines and cleaning products…

… lots of Sugar…

…and all the usual stuff like clothes, sleeping bag and camera. I have managed to fit it into all my backpack, just. And yes, that is a backpack on my backpack.

I tried to put the bag on and nearly fell backwards. I think I must have banged my head and come over all colonial. I began to wonder how much I would have to pay to have someone carry everything for me. That feeling didn't last too long before the excitement kicked back in again. I just can't wait to get there now.

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