Delhi - Something Else

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Delhi - Capital of the Republic of India. Home to over 16 million people . The centre of thousands of years of Indian history. And one of the most difficult places on Earth to enjoy.

Delhi is everything you would expect an Indian metropolis to be - but everything is hyper. Chaos on steroids. The streets are crowded, the sun is unbearable, the air is yellow with pollution. Litter covers the streets, traffic deafens you and beggars either annoy you or break your heart.

In Delhi you can visit the wonderful Humayun's Tomb or the impressive Qutb Minar. You can imagine Empires in their pomp and escape the chaos as you wander the gardens. But you can't stay there forever. Sooner or later you'll have to step into the breach and back into the real Delhi. People. More people. And more people still, shouting and spitting and constantly on the make.

Rare moments of peace

Monkeys swing from trees and electricity cables. Cows ponder the traffic ahead of them and packs of dogs scavenge in the litter. Hungry hawks circle above the city and when they dive into the fray, the flock dives together and it can be quite intimidating. People's stares can be intimidating too. And the toilets in Delhi scared the sh*t out of me.

I'm trying to give you an impression of what Delhi is like. I hated it. I could put up with the dust and I could hide from the sun but I couldn't bear to see the poverty. The best thing about visiting India is people. The people are amazing. But walking through the streets at night you have to step over people sleeping on the pavement. And people are asleep on the streets everywhere. I was able to detach myself from it until I saw a whole family asleep on the pavement. A little baby boy was rolling around in the filth and I just couldn't bear to see it. In Delhi everyone is sad. I was surprised when I saw a Delhiite laugh, it was so unusual.

Isn't that supposed to be blue?

There were some nice moments in Delhi. We ate some food at the world famous Karim's Restaurant. I keep thinking about how great the chicken Burra was. We sat on the steps of the Jamma Masjid, listened to the call of prayer and watch little boys battle with their kites. And there were the rickshaw rides. They were my favourite part of Delhi.

Delhi is something else. It is incredible to see, even if you just come away appreciating every other place on the planet. Just don't say I recommended it, because I can't.

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