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My trip to India was everything I might have expected. It was eye-opening, exhilarating and exhausting. After we had been on top of the world in Leh we flew back to Delhi to chill out for a day, collect our thoughts and prepare to fly home. Going back to Delhi was horrible. I hated Delhi so much. The towns and villages in India are amazing, but Delhi was just too intense for me. The thing I will always remember about Delhi was that no-one hardly ever smiled, which is not the case outside of the big cities in India. Then there’s the noise, the pollution, the squalor…

I couldn’t wait to get home. I was tired, I was suffering a cold and the effects of altitude sickness and was fed up of curry for breakfast. India has always been this magical place in my imagination but in my last few hours there I hated the place. You just cannot prepare yourself for everything that you will experience when you’re out there.
The author - not a happy bunny
It was only in the days afterward when I was looking at pictures and telling stories about the trip that I really began to appreciate it. I was desperate to get home but now when I think about India I can’t wait for my next trip. I’ll see a program on the TV or an article in the newspaper that will prompt a great memory from the trip. Sometimes, things are tough at the time and you can only appreciate them in the aftermath.

 So what will I take away from my first trip to India? Firstly, I am so grateful for everything I have and I’m aware how fortunate I am to be healthy, wealthy and happy. Secondly, Indian people are amazing – they’re welcoming (don’t stop feeding you), thoughtful (forever asking questions about your life, your family, your job etc) and genuine (you can’t fake that jaunty head wiggle). Finally, even though I travelled nearly 1,000 miles, I barely scratched the surface of India and there is so much more I want to see.

On top of the world in the Himalaya. An experience I'll never forget

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