Can't Sleep. Can Walk.

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My body-clock is like Jeremy Lin at the minute, it's all over the place. At lunchtime I'm fighting to keep my eyes open and I'm wide awake at 4am. In those early hours in a new city, it's impossible to escape thoughts of your family. It's not good think of your family too much when you've moved half way across the world because it only leaves you feeling sad. After several hours of staring at the ceiling in my room, the sunlight crept in and I decided it was probably best to just get up. It was 7am and I decided to go for a walk and discover what Jinan looks like when it's waking up. Even at this early hour, the streets were bustling - although you can't really tell from my pictures, I was a bit too shy to take pictures of people!

My apartment in the background
A side street hiding a lovely little hill
 I walked to a hill a few minutes from my apartment. As I began climbing the hill, spritely pensioners were already on their way down from their early morning stroll. In open spaces people practised Tai Chi and some game that involved kicking around a tennis ball with a feather on it. I'm already loving the Chinese attitude toward exercise.

Lots of new residential development

I climbed further up the hill to find a Buddhist monument. I was a recent build, but I could feel the excitement bubbling inside me - exotic temples are now an every day occurrence for me. From this vantage point, I began to realise how big Jinan is. In every direction, clusters of tower blocks spilled out toward the horizon/haze. New buildings jostled for position with weathered shacks. School kids walk to school and people rode their electric scooters to work, and I was feeling happy to be here.

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