Welcome Dinner and Big Buddha Head Mountain

10:09 Paul Robinson 0 Comments

Today the whole of Aston Jinan (Chinese staff, foreign staff and management) all met together for a welcome lunch and a bit of a mountain hike. Three bus loads of people turned up to the restaurant and only then did I get an idea of the scale of the company I'm working for out here in Jinan.

At the welcome dinner, I sat with a table of Chinese teachers who I didn't know. They were all really nice and asked me lots of questions (Have I seen Big Ben? do I like Lady Gaga?) and they were happy to teach me some useful Chinese too (The food is nice, I think you're pretty). I'm really enjoying meeting the Chinese teachers. They are all so positive and without them I'm unlikely to experience much genuine Chinese culture.

After the meal we went and climbed Big Buddha Head Mountain in Southern Jinan. It was more of a steep hill than mountain, but it was a nice walk and great to socialise outside of the school/restaurant. At the Big Buddha Head we rested and at that altitude, the views of the city great and the air even felt slightly cleaner. I'm really looking forward to scaling some actual mountains and putting that bit of Chinese I've learnt to use.

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