Only in China #1 Wedding dresses in the park

15:56 Paul Robinson 0 Comments

For a lad from up-North in England, China has a lot of peculiarities. Walking through Danming Lake, I passed a bride and groom wearing sparking white clothes. They were both smiling and posing for pictures. I thought that it was a bit of an unusual place to get married. Then as I continued walking, I passed more couples all dressed in wedding clothes and posing for pictures. They aren't getting married, just getting some professional pictures for the big day.

White is now the fashionable colour in China to wear on your Wedding day. I'm not sure about the white suits on the guys though - a bit too Liverpool circa 1996 Cup Final for my taste.

I couldn't tell if the couples were already married or taking pictures in advance of their wedding day. And this wasn't a special occasion, it happens every day at the lake.  The girls looked the part in their long flowing dresses but the image was ruined when I noticed most of them were wearing running shoes underneath their dresses. Behind the 'beautiful brides' are teams of make-up artists, photographers and light operators scuttling around and shouting orders into megaphones. There's not even anywhere to get changed at the park, I can totally imagine the girls being all dolled up but having to squeeze themselves onto a packed bus.

With views like the ones below however, you can understand why people make this effort for their wedding snaps.

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