Sunset over Labrang

14:42 Paul Robinson 0 Comments

The cycle ride to the Sangke grasslands left me feeling wiped-out, so I spent the remainder of the afternoon relaxing and buying a few gifts. Not much to write about. I got some food for dinner and then went to a nearby hill to watch the sunset over the Labrang Monastery.

I walked through the Monastery complex and had a bit of banter in Chinese with a few monks and then made my way up the hill. Before I'd even found a place to park my backside, I was joined by two teenage girls. They were quick to make conversation and share their sunflower seeds with me. I was happy to practise my Chinese with them and eat their food. We had a laugh. I don't often get to speak to Tibetan Buddhists and it was great to hear their opinions on China and on the West. We were from completely alien worlds but we could agree that everyone hates going to school and Big Band Theory is pretty funny (I still don't think I like like Sheldon though!).

That moment was a microcosm of my whole China experience so far - friendly locals keen to talk to me, whilst eating slightly weird food. There was the occasional misunderstanding (my Chinese is improving with baby steps) but it was a special moment, right out of the blue.

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