Dubrovnik, Croatia

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After a few months of  living relentlessly in the 'real-world', it was finally time to return to the things I love doing the most - mooching around foreign places, getting lost and eating tasty food. My girlfriend and I travelled to Dubrovnik, Korcula and Hvar in Croatia.
As inevitable as fake tan on an air stewardess, I managed to get Erin and myself lost before we'd even checked into our Villa in Dubrovnik. Despite being personally sent directions by the villa owner, I thought it'd be better to just get a taxi. I was wrong.

The driver didn't really know where he was going but that didn't stop him dropping us off in a little village halfway up some sun-soaked hillside. Between Erin and myself, we walked around, climbed staircases and peered into gardens but we couldn't find our elusive villa. We must have looked like we were scoping out a burglary because an old guy soon came to see what we were up to. He didn't speak any English but after a few phone calls, he'd worked out where we were staying and brought us to meet the villa owner. Thankfully the villa wasn't too far, but on the narrow mountain streets, we would have never found the place.

Once checked in, we had a wander and found somewhere for lunch. Pizza and espresso. Very continental. Another thing that was quite continental was the blase attitude to road safety. We hadn't been in town for two hours but we saw three near misses, including a bus almost slamming into a car and some mad tourist stepping into the path of a bus.

Once safely inside the medieval walls of the Old Town, we were free to explore. We took a few photos, avoided the tour groups and hummed the theme tune to Game of Thrones (Dubrovnik is used as a backdrop in much of the series). Then we found this amazing bar called Buza. Clinging to the rocks beneath the city walls, the bar looks out over the Adriatic sea and the view was brilliant. Classic 60s and 70s tunes played and local beer flowed. What with the maze-like streets and manic bus drivers we thought we'd be safest in the bar, so that's where we spent much of our time in Dubrovnik.
Dubrovnik is remarkably well preserved, considering it was bombarded as recently as 1992 during a war with Serbia. The Old Town is full of winding alleyways and grand open squares. It is all surrounded by a very old, yet still intact, city wall. From the wall, the old town is a sea of terracotta roof tiles, protruded with the occasional church spire. Its old, spectacular and beautiful. Unfortunately, it's Mediterranean setting and picturesque views mean that Dubrovnik is overrun with tour groups. Most of the tour groups are full of old people, who get in your way - very slowly.

Up on the wall we sought refuge from the sun and rampaging tour groups. In a former cannon-fire room, we found a little juice bar, which was staffed my the friendliest man in Croatia. He refused to serve us what we asked for and insisted on serving us his specialty. Then he asked Erin about her tattoos for a while and told us about the history of the room we were in. When we set of to leave, he told me to marry Erin quickly - "If you keep waiting, you'll end up just like me - still waiting". Advice noted!
After two nights in Dubrovnik it was time to move on. The photos looked great, the food was lovely but we wanted a bit more adventure. So we made our way to the island of Korcula.

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