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Our catamaran arrived at the port of Hvar at 7.30am. Kitten eyed and yawning, we made our way to our apartment. After a little nap, we set off to explore the chic Croatian party town.

On first impression, Hvar felt much more like a Mediterranean resort compared to the more rugged Korcula. That could be good or bad, depending on your tastes, although I always prefer the road less travelled.
Where shall we go?
In Hvar we were reacquainted with endless tour groups and plump Americans with no sense of volume control. Instead of adverts for climbing excursions and bicycle hires, the town was full of adverts for booze cruises and nudist beaches. There was also a lot more concrete in Hvar. The area around the old town square was beautiful but beyond that, the stone buildings gave way to concrete duplexes which mushroomed out of the hills. Bare concrete and rebar were left exposed, ready for the next layer of development.

Hvar's main attraction is its fortress which looks out over the harbour. First built in the 1200's, it has been continually rebuilt and expanded in defense against the Corsairs and Ottomans. Its location allowed for spectacular panoramic views over Hvar and the surrounding Pakleni islands. Although up there on top of the hill, the sun quickly smothered us and we made our way back to the shade of the town and sought out some lunch.

The restaurants in Croatia tend to serve a standard international version of Italian food - pizzas, pastas and salads. Whilst all the food was lovely, there was little variation. I dreamt of chili peppers. One evening, we managed to find a restaurant serving steak in gogonzola sauce. I'm not ashamed to say i used every last morsel of bread to mop up both Erin's plate and my own. It wasn't pasta and it was delicious.

We had seen a lot of adventure on Korcula, so in Hvar we treated ourselves to some relaxing beach time. Well, I'm told its a treat. We found a spot on the beach, set out a picnic, slapped on the suntan lotion and lay in the sun. After about two minutes of lying in the sun I was bored. Ugh. That first day on the beach, I was constantly fidgety as I looked around for something to do.
The beach

By the second day on the beach, Erin had given me some advice on how to enjoy the beach. We were going to people watch. I was ready. I'm not prone to gossiping about what some random stranger is wearing, but thankfully there were some loud Americans on the beach. They were doing my head in and gave me plenty of ammunition. Why have they got to talk so bleeding loud? Erin was in complete agreement.

Afterward, Erin and I started to translate famous songs into Chinese. I'd translate the lyrics and she'd do the singing. Before we knew it, the sun was setting on our final day and it was time for one last portion of pasta. The beach had been fun.

My first impressions of Hvar were probably a little harsh. It is a lovely island. It was probably a bit foolish of us go to a party town during the off season, especially when we didn't even want to do any clubbing. I wanted more adventure and when it didn't happen I felt disappointed. However, once I got over myself and let Hvar do its own thing, I began to appreciate it more. And there's the life lesson - you have got to let the chapters of your life open and close without regret or sorrow, but with sincerity and enthusiasm. Move on to bigger and better things. Spending all that time on the beach gave me time to reflect on things, and that isn't bad at all.

And the next time you see Erin, ask her to sing Babylon Zoo's 'Spaceman' in Chinese :)

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