Walking in Edale

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It is a little over a month until my girlfriend Erin and I travel to China. I can't wait to go. My feet itch. Whilst in China, we are planning to visit the Great Wall and the Tiger Leaping Gorge. The Great Wall is quite a nice stroll but the Tiger Leaping Gorge is a rugged two-day hike. With this in mind, I thought it would be a good idea to go for a little bit of walking exercise in the Peak district.

First of all however, I had to coax my girlfriend from her sleepy cocoon. I'm an early bird, I love rising with the sun and discovering what the day has in store. Erin likes sleep, warmth and snuggly fluffy blankets. A walk in the windy Peak District didn't really appeal to her. To get what I wanted, I had to employ a fine mixture of persuasion, encouragement and sulking. I won. We didn't arrive at Edale until 3pm, but we were going to go for a walk.

My girlfriend and I have an ongoing conversation about how to survive  a zombie apocalypse. In particular, we like assessing buildings and structures to see how suitable they would be as a survival base. We both think the AMC cinema in Manchester would be a good place to hide out - the escalators are easy to barricade and there are enough hot dogs and nachos to keep you going until you form a better plan. Maybe we have watched too much of 'The Walking Dead'. Driving in the car through the Peak District, I couldn't help think how great it would be during a zombie apocalypse. It is isolated. There are farms with produce and livestock. It is much more beautiful than the inside of a cinema too. I felt good about surviving the zombie apocalypse in the Peak District. But as we came over the top of Mam Tor and down the valley towards Edale, my heart sank. I was wrong, It was already crawling with walkers.

So we didn't have Edale to ourselves but that was ok. We made our way to a tourist information centre to pick up a walking map. £2.50 for a map. Sod that. We took a picture of the map on my phone and walked off up the nearest hill. I was enjoying the walk. The fresh air, the bubbling of the brook, the chance to get out of the city. Erin was quiet though. I don't this she was enjoying the cold and the threat of rain.

We were walking for about an hour from a grassy path to the rocky riverbed. The clouds up ahead brooded ominously. I consulted my photograph of the map. It was less than useless. I climbed up a waterlogged hill for a better view of the path ahead. Oh dear. There were further steep climbs in every direction. I felt rain on my face. I slipped and squelched my way back down the hill to  Erin.

"I think we should head back to the pub."
"Okay!" Erin beamed and her eyes lit up.

We walked back down the hill we had just climbed. With the rain and a pub dinner motivating us, we blazed back down the hill. Erin was much more chatty, discussing amongst other things, the Moors Murderers. I guess she really wasn't enjoying the walk.

We also chatted about who would win a battle of wits between Ripley From Alien or Sarah Connor from the Terminator. We considered their strength, training and mental states. Erin had obviously thought about this a lot. Before we knew it, the hills were behind up and the pub was lit up in the dusk a few metres down the road.

We pitched up in the pub and rested our feet. Erin had worked out the optimum was to lace her boots and we'd made a list of things we'd need to take on the Tiger Leaping Gorge hike. I had an average pint of lager and and average lasagne, but it was delicious because of the walk. It was time to relax and beg the crappy GPRS signal on my phone to update the football scores.

We were pretty tired but one step closer to having a great time in China. I also learnt that we both like adventure, the only difference being I tend yo enjoy doing it while Erin enjoys watching it in slippers and DOLBY surround sound.

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